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Mesa Public Schools announces plans to reopen

Mesa Public Schools
Posted at 12:27 PM, Jun 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-18 22:48:49-04

MESA, AZ — Mesa Public Schools has announced its plans to reopen entering the upcoming school year.

The school district said it would have three options that parents and students can choose from: traditional in-person learning, remote learning, and modified in-person learning, which will combine both in-person and remote-learning experiences.

"Our goal is that we open school on August 4," said Dr. Andi Fourlis, incoming superintendent of Mesa Public Schools.

Registration opens July 1. A finalized plan is expected to be announced on July 14, the district said.

All three options are available for students, K-12. They include a Monday-Friday class schedule and allow for students to participate in extracurricular activities.

"Our large high schools are really thinking about what do plans look like for that modified in-person?" said Dr. Fourlis. "We could stagger when kids are coming in, we could do alternate schedules, we can look at A and B schedules, block schedules."

If parents choose to have their child start the school year remotely or with modified in-person learning, a district laptop will be provided.

Students will also have the option to switch their learning setting during the year, such as going from in-person learning to modified in-person, or entirely remote learning.

"The hardest part of the plan is the uncertainty," said Dr. Fourlis.

The district says it will follow the city’s guidelines when it comes to whether or not masks will be mandated on campus.

"We know that having only one option for a family is not nearly enough to be able to meet the very important decisions that families need to make, as well as our staff need to make," said Dr. Fourlis. "We have had careful, careful consideration about all of our plans and what we put forth to them is with their very best interest in mind."

As of Thursday, Mesa has not mandated masks, but Mayor John Giles said he hopes to put a mandate in place soon.

The district has also proposed that the first week of school, scheduled for August 4-7, will be early release (two hours earlier than normal release). Every Wednesday during the first semester will also be early release (two hours earlier than normal release).

For more information on the district’s plans, click here.