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Madison School District to vote on if they will return to online learning as COVID cases rise

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Posted at 5:00 PM, Nov 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-09 19:45:36-05

PHOENIX — Madison School District parents are hoping their children stay in class, but a looming vote could send students home.

On Tuesday, the Madison School District's governing board will vote on Tuesday deciding whether or not to return students to online-learning in response to rising COVID-19 numbers in Phoenix, despite only a handful of cases in the district.

"It’s been a huge difference. We have whole new kids," said Bridgette Blazek, a parent of two fourth-graders at Madison Simis Elementary School, about the change in attitude her children experienced when moving back into the classroom. "They’re less angry, they’re not yelling, they’re not stomping around the house. You know they’re excited to go to school, they’re excited to see their friends."

Currently, #38 Madison School District is in the yellow area of moderate COVID-19 spread according to Maricopa County Public Health. Currently, there are less than ten active cases across the entire district.

"The science shows that we haven’t had any cases in our schools anywhere near the same extent that we’ve had in the community," said Blazek.

In a letter to parents on November 5, the district sent a letter to families:

Good afternoon Madison Families,

There has been an increase in COVID-19 cases as reported by the Maricopa County Department of Public Health. The District has been committed to ensuring all students and staff are safe. Because the overall risk level is trending in the substantial spread range, the Governing Board will hold a discussion and possibly vote to return all students to at-home virtual instruction at the next Governing Board meeting on November 10.