GOP 'volunteers' going door-to-door in the Valley asking about fraud

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Posted at 10:45 PM, Nov 10, 2020

As the final votes are counted in Arizona, the legal battle is intensifying. The GOP has ramped up their efforts to challenge the results by making unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud.

Over the weekend, the Trump campaign and the Arizona GOP filed a lawsuit claiming Maricopa County poll workers "incorrectly rejected votes" cast by in-person voters on Election Day.

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Since the lawsuit, the party has ramped up efforts to solicit more stories and sworn affidavits of suspicious or outright illegal behavior related to ballots.

They created a website to curate any examples of poll workers telling in-person voters to "press, a green button to override the error."

A week after Election Day, some "GOP volunteers" and people "with the Republican party election's integrity" team have been going door-to-door trying to talk to people about their vote.

"We're trying to make sure their vote gets counted because there's a lot of fraud," said one woman. "If you tell me who [your wife] voted for - I mean, it's passed now."

"I think it’s been about six or seven [people] at this point," said Blake Borinstein, a Phoenix voter.

Arizona's election officials at the state and county level have repeatedly said there is zero evidence of widespread election fraud, election irregularities, or vote counting failures.

"All of this stuff is transparent. We do it every single election year. It’s all required by law, and it’s all publicly available," said Arizona's Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

The state GOP and Trump campaign are now suing. They allege, based on a handful of sworn affidavits, that Maricopa County poll workers incorrectly rejected votes from Election Day.

"I checked my wife’s and my ballot status - both of them went through," said Borinstein. "From everything I’ve seen that Maricopa County has put out, there has been no indication of fraud in any way shape or form."

Borinstein is confident in the process and results. He said he hopes our country can move on along with the uninvited door knocks.

"It’s a scary thing to undermine these core values that we have as Americans," said Borinstein. "I think these people are questioning the validity of the vote because they do not like the results."