Capitol Police officer being hailed as a hero for leading mob away from Senate floor entrance

Capitol Breach
Posted at 11:43 AM, Jan 11, 2021

A Black Capitol Police officer is being hailed as a hero after he diverted a mob of Trump supporters away from the Senate floor entrance during last week's deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Video and pictures show an officer, later identified by CNN reporter Kristin Wilson as Eugene Goodman, standing in the doorway outside the Senate chamber where lawmakers were.

This New York Times picture showed Officer Goodman standing in front of an angry mob blocking a doorway in front of the entrance to the Senate chamber.

A video taken by Huffington Post political reporter Igor Bobic showed Officer Goodman standing in the hallway a few steps ahead of the mob, trying to hold them back, and then heading up a staircase as the mob chased after him.

Another picture showed Officer Goodman looking to his left as rioters came barreling up the stairs seeing that the Senate floor entrance was unguarded. According to CNN's Wilson, Goodman was able to lure them away from the entrance.

Many people praised Goodman for saving the lives of politicians and staffers who were reportedly still in the chambers.

“As Trump’s fascist mob ransacked the US Capitol, this brave USCP officer kept murderous rioters away from the Senate chamber and saved the lives of those inside," U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell tweeted. "God bless him for his courage.”

In the video Rep. Pascrell tweeted, Goodman is seen pushing the mob pack leader, who was later identified as Doug Jensen, focusing on Goodman and distracted from the open hallway that led to the Senate chambers, USA Today reported.

According to CBS News, Jensen was arrested Friday.

WUSA reported that Goodman is an Army veteran who spent time in Iraq.