Hikers going to great heights to catch 2017 solar eclipse

Posted at 8:25 PM, Jul 02, 2017

"That moment on top of that summit is going to be something that will be once in a lifetime for me personally and hopeful we can bring back a piece of that and share it," Brenton Curry said.  

While many in the Gem State are heading to towns like Weiser, Idaho to watch the total solar eclipse, Brenton and his friends are headed to higher ground. Idaho's tallest peak, Mount Borah. The center of the eclipse's path of totality is just six miles away from the 12,662-foot summit, making it a great place to watch the cosmic spectacle.

Brenton plans to share his journey online through a travel blog and plans to spend the night near the tree line so he can get an early start on the final stretch to the summit. He's expecting other hikers to make the grueling trek the same day and hopes to find a spot at the top to soak it all in.

"There is not a lot of people that are necessarily willing to brave that but those that do I think will be really rewarded for the experience," said Curry. 

Dangerous thunderstorms caused the adventurer to turn back just a thousand feet from the summit not once but twice before. This time he plans to go all the way. 

"We're going to get up there it doesn't matter, I don't care what happens I don't care if a storm comes through it doesn't matter what comes through and try and stop us were getting to the top," said Curry.