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Eat It: Chloe Tries Chocolate-Covered Cones & Crepes

Posted at 3:00 PM, Sep 10, 2018

The name says it all. Creme & Chocolats in Mesa serves flavored vanilla cones covered in Belgian chocolate and fresh crepes filled with, again, Belgian chocolate, fruit and more.

It’s a family business started by husband and wife Jean Godin and Aurelie Nguyen. The couple and their three boys moved from Quebec, Canada two years ago with the idea to start this shop. They settled on Arizona since temperatures are ideal for selling ice cream year round.

It was a trial and error process to recreate the ice cream they were familiar with in Canada. Aurelie says Canada’s dairy has more butterfat than the dairy in the United States. Eventually, they found the right mix and now offer eight different vanilla swirl flavors. There’s even more chocolate flavors to dip the cones in. 

Creme & Chocolats is open Monday through Saturday. You can view their full menu online