Credit card skimmers in Arizona: 87 found since January 2017

Posted at 4:16 AM, Aug 25, 2017
and last updated 2018-05-30 18:04:27-04

Sixteen investigators with the state’s Weights & Measures Services Division are on the front lines of the fight against credit card skimmers. 

“We work very closely with other states and law enforcement and keep in tune with what people are finding out there,” Associate Director Michelle Wilson told ABC15. 

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Since January 2017, officials have found 87 credit card skimmers around the state and said the devices are becoming more complex. Bluetooth devices have been discovered in the state and, across the country, newer variations are being found that allow thieves to receive card information remotely by text message. 

The most recent Valley gas station skimmer was discovered on May 17 at a station near Central Avenue and Main Street in Avondale. 

“It’s definitely a team effort trying to keep up with the criminals,” Wilson said. 

The agency is now working with gas pump technicians, encouraging them to report skimming devices so they can better track them and look for trends. 

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Take a look at the map below to see when and where skimmers were found across Arizona. Points in red were discovered in 2018.