Arizona ranks 47th in national ranking for school systems

Posted at 2:51 PM, Jul 30, 2018

Only three states and the District of Columbia ranked lower than Arizona in a recent study about which states have the best and worst school systems.

The study, released by WalletHub on Monday, analyzes several metrics, including safety, funding, and class size, to calculate an overall score.

Arizona scored 37.53 points out of 80 points possible, which ranked the state at 47th in the nation.

The state with the highest score was Massachusetts, with 74.16 points, while the lowest score went to New Mexico, which received only 31.53 points.

When considering pupil-per-teacher ratio, Arizona ranked 50th in the nation. California is the only state with a worse pupil-per-teacher ratio with the 51st ranking.

To read more on the methodology or see the full rankings of the study, click here.