'You've got to get out now,' Family of domestic violence victim shares message

Posted at 10:34 PM, Oct 08, 2021

PHOENIX — A mother and her child are dead after a domestic violence shooting inside their home on October 4.

As a twin sister, Lauren says she knew the thoughts crossing Lanae Mouton's mind.

"You're not doing things right; you said something wrong. You're not enough, do better, try harder," says Lauren Riley, Lanae's twin sister.

"The kids don't need to know; they love their daddy. You don't want them to have bad thoughts of their daddy," says Riley.

"You've been together since sophomore year of high school, that isn't something you can just break off," says Riley.

Lanae's family spoke out on Friday, sharing details of what they say led Louis Mouton to allegedly murder his estranged wife and their 11-month-old daughter Ava. They believe it is a pattern of behavior that was escalating for years.

"Controlling, and they cannot see it. I mean, you're cringing, cringing in your boots but she couldn't see it," says Kathy Wheatley, Lanae's mother.

Mouton showed up to the apartment complex near 83rd Avenue and Thomas on Monday to discuss the couple's relationship.

After that conversation, Lanae went back inside.

Police say Mouton began kicking in the door, ultimately shooting and killing his ex and daughter.

"We were best friends, you know, we talked about everything. So, I already knew a lot of stuff that was going on, was going on between them and we talked about it a lot, you know... always encouraging her to take that step and get herself out, get out of it. She was going to do it tomorrow," says Riley.

In this case it was too late, but the family says if their tragedy can help at least one person, that will be the ultimate tribute to Lanae and Ava.

"For anybody that's in a domestic violence situation, you've got to get out now. You don't have tomorrow; today is the day," says Riley.

Lanae leaves behind three other children who weren't home at the time. We're told they are all safe.

Mouton was later arrested on scene.