Yavapai County: Armed neighbor shoots dogs attacking women in Cordes Lakes

Posted at 2:18 PM, May 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-20 18:19:35-04

CORDES LAKES, AZ — An armed neighbor shoots two of three dogs who were attacking two women in Northern Arizona.

The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office reports that Sunday morning two women were being attacked by three pit bull dogs.

Nearby children heard the two women screaming and ran home for help. The kid's mother grabbed a handgun and ran to her neighbor's home.

There she reportedly found the two women surrounded by three dogs. One of the dogs was allegedly trying to drag a victim under the house.

She fired a couple of shots near the dogs, fearing she would hit the women, but the dogs kept attacking.

Her husband came, got the handgun, and ran closer to the dogs shooting and hitting two of the dogs. One of the dogs died at the scene, and the other two ran away.

The victim's ages, 57 and 61 later told deputies that they found the three dogs in the woman's yard when they were attacked.

They suffered from bite marks to their arms, legs, and head and were both transported to a Phoenix-area hospital.

The remaining two dogs were located and euthanized. They are being tested for rabies.

The dog's owner Ian Jones, age 25, who also lives in the neighborhood has been cited for an aggressive animal attack.