Woman jumps from moving car to escape assault in Mesa

Posted at 5:26 PM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 20:26:10-04

A woman jumped from a moving car to escape an assault.

Court records show that on August 7, a woman jumped from a moving car near Dobson Road and Southern Avenue to get away from a man who was beating her.

Police report that 36-year-old Justin Nevell was in a car with a woman when he began punching her in the face because she, "would not stick up for him." 

He drove her to an industrial area where he threatened to stab her. As he reached for his backpack in the back seat, the woman jumped from the moving car. Nevell allegedly grabbed her by the leg holding onto her as he kept driving, dragging her along the way.

After he had let her go, she tried to run away, but Nevell caught her and put her back in the car.

Police say during the night Nevell sexually assaulted the woman, but the next day she managed to convince Nevell to let her go to a family member's home where she contacted police.

Police say that Newell continued to communicate with the woman even after he knew police were looking for him. Police recorded a conversation where Nevell allegedly admitted to the woman that he assaulted her. He also reportedly told her that, "he believed the sex would make her feel better."

Nevell was found and arrested by police ten days later.

Nevel was already on probation for domestic violence having been released from prison in October 2015. 

He is now being held without bond for sexual assault.