Woman turns PHX apartment into dentist office

Posted at 11:25 AM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-25 01:44:27-04

A Woman has been arrested for practicing dentistry without a license from an apartment in west Phoenix.

Court records show that the unlicensed dentist was using the apartment as her office for the past two years. 

On May 16 police became aware that a 54-year-old Elda Graciela Margez De Zamora was practicing dentistry without a license from an apartment near 55th Avenue and McDowell Road.

Authorities say the owner of the Lynnwood apartment complex contacted them saying he had found out the former office manager referred an employee to the "dentist," known to tenants as "Mama Elda." He went for a consultation two years ago but never had any actual work done. The owner also learned that other tenants were getting dental and orthodontic work done. 

The former office manager of the apartment complex had gotten braces as recently as this past January.

On May 4 the complex owner accessed the apartment and saw the apartment laid out as a dentist office.The living room was decorated as a waiting room, complete with chairs, tables and magazines. In the bedroom they reportedly observed dental instruments, an air-water syringe, high water evacuator and other dental equipment.

An undercover officer contacted the appointment scheduler for an appointment and was told he needed to be "worked in" because Zamora's schedule was full of patients.

The officer reportedly went in and observed patients being treated by Zamora.

"Mama Elda" was arrested and charged with fraudulent schemes, practicing dentistry without an license and illegal control of an enterprise.