Evidence shows man taking video of a woman in Ahwatukee store

Posted at 11:02 AM, Oct 19, 2016

A store employee has been arrested after he reportedly showed a woman into a dressing room then shot video of her.

Court records show that on October 12 an employee of Party City, near 48th Street and Ray Road, showed a customer the dressing room then allegedly used his phone to shoot video of her undressing.

Police report that the female customer was shown the dressing room by an employee later identified as 18-year-old Manuel Torres.

As she was undressing, police say, she noticed a phone with a camera in a blue case being held underneath the dressing room door.   

After she had dressed, she reported the incident to the store manager who pointed out Torres as the person the customer identified. 

Police talked with Torres who denied shooting video of the victim. Police noticed that his phone did have a blue case, as the victim said. Police also reviewed store surveillance video which, they say, clearly shows Torres shooting video underneath the dressing room door. 

Police say that even when confronted with his, Torres denied any wrongdoing.

Torres has been charged with voyeurism.