Upset Litchfield Park teen allegedly causes $5,000 in damage to Surprise PD station

Posted at 12:48 PM, Sep 20, 2016

Damaging someone else's property is never a good idea, and it's especially bad when the property is owned by the police. 

Police report that 19-year-old John Douglas Ivey didn't learn that lesson and on August 16 he went to the property yard of the Surprise Police Department and caused $5,000 in damages.

Police say Ivey was upset that the yard was closed when he destroyed the phone in the call box. He also allegedly kicked the gate several times and busted a surveillance camera.

After jumping the gate, he walked to the evidence facility door but could not get in. 

The city estimates the damage to be about $5,000.

The Litchfield Park resident reportedly admitted to the crime and has been charged with criminal trespassing and criminal damage.