UPDATE: Phoenix father arrested for throwing 3-month-old against headboard; child dies from injuries

Posted at 12:31 PM, Mar 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-09 14:45:50-05

A 3-month-old child died a few days after being thrown against a headboard by her father.

Police are now requesting additional child abuse and first-degree murder charges be filed against the father, 27-year-old Jose Antonio Orellana-Ruiz,  

Court records show that on February 27, a man reportedly threw bottles at his daughter's head, dropped her on the bed, and threw her against the headboard, causing multiple severe injuries. 

Phoenix police report that about 4 a.m. they received a call saying an infant was unresponsive and had visible signs of injuries to her face and head.   

Doctors reported to police that the child was suffering from internal bleeding and a possible skull fracture.    

Police say the father of the child, 27-year-old Jose Antonio Orellana-Ruiz, requested that the girl's mother allowed her to spend the night at his home. He says the baby would not stop crying and coughing throughout the evening. He allegedly admitted to losing his temper and threw a full bottle of baby formula at the child's head twice.

He also reportedly told police that the baby kept crying, so he lifted her up and dropped her on the bed and later threw her against the wooden headboard twice, striking her head.

As the victim started having trouble breathing, Ruiz called a family member from another room who started CPR on the child and told him to call 911.

The court has upped his bond to $1 million from the original $500,000.