Robbery suspect with flare gun fights officer before being arrested

Posted at 1:38 PM, Jul 20, 2016

Court records show that on July 8 a man robbed a Walgreens' store, concealing a flare gun in a sling, and later got into a struggle with an officer when he was shot while trying to grab the officer's gun.

Police report that 31-year-old Alexis Roy Meyer entered the Walgreens' near 16th Street and Thomas Rroad demanding cash and 'Percocet' or he he would start shooting people. 

Meyer indicated that he had a gun hidden in his sling and an employee gave him the money and drugs while another hit the silent alarm.

As an officer approached the store, he looked through the drive-thru window and another employee motioned with his head the location of the suspect.

The officer confronted Meyer with his gun drawn as Meyer came out of the store. He told Meyer to get on the ground, but Meyer instead approached the officer and tried to take his hand out of the sling. The officer pushed Meyer against a sign to prevent Meyer from doing so. 

As Meyer and the officer fought, they ended up on  the ground with Meyer on top of the officer trying to pull the officers' gun away from him. The officer fired one shot, striking Meyer in the leg.

Other officers arrived and tried to get Meyer off of the officer, but Meyer allegedly still would not comply and was tazed by another officer before being arrested.

The flare gun was found at the scene of the struggle was painted black. Police also discovered that the motorcycle Meyer rode to the store was a stolen vehicle. 

Meyer was released from the hospital the next day and has been charged with armed robbery, theft, and aggravated assault on an officer.