Woman arrested after house fire in Scottsdale

Posted at 11:27 AM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-17 18:36:49-05

Scottsdale Police have arrested a woman for starting a house fire.

On November 6, the Scottsdale Fire Department received reports around 7 a.m. about a fire at a home near 86th Street and Thomas Road.

Court records show that 28-year-old Whitney Christian Hanson is accused of intentionally starting that fire.

The homeowner reportedly told police that he and his wife were at a night club, when they got into an argument over his wife's infidelity. He left her at the nightclub and returned home, where he moved all of her belongings to the driveway and left the home. 

Police say when Hanson arrived and saw her possessions on the driveway she became angry and keyed her husband's vehicle. She also allegedly pulled all her husbands' clothes from the closet, put them on the bed and lit them on fire.

Hanson told police that when she saw the mattress catch fire she tried to put it out by using a bed cover and water, but the fire got out of control. 

She said she got the dogs out of the house and called the fire department. Police say the interior of the home was severely damaged and the contents of the bedroom were destroyed.

Hanson has been charged with arson of an occupied structure.