Records: Woman set Chandler fire because she "wanted attention"

Posted at 1:10 PM, Sep 09, 2016

A woman who "wanted attention" set fire to a Chandler duplex.

Court records show that on September 2 around 5 a.m. Chandler fire was called to a duplex on fire near Chandler Boulevard and Arizona Avenue.

They reported that when they arrived, flames were shooting from the windows and garage.

A neighbor reportedly told fire officials that the homeowner, 34-year-old Rose Mary Jordan, told her that she started the fire with gasoline.

Firefighters say there was a strong odor of gasoline in the home, and they found a gas can in the bathroom.

Jordan originally stated that she accidentally started the fire by knocking over a candle in the bathroom as she was taking a bath.

However, investigators say there was also gasoline on her clothes, she reportedly later admitted to starting the fire because she "wanted attention" from her boyfriend. 

Fire crews were able to knock the fire down quickly, but a majority of the home was damaged while crews were making sure the fire didn't spread to the attic.

Jordan suffered minor burn injuries and was treated at the scene. She has been charged with arson and endangerment.