Tempe PD: Woman driving minivan with kids inside tries to run over husband

Posted at 12:53 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 21:00:52-04

A woman, driving a minivan with five children inside, attempts to run over her husband three times. 

Tempe police report that on March 2 a man and a woman were arguing as she was going to work. When they arrived at her office near Priest Drive and Broadway Road, the woman, 31-year-old Vikiann Pikakiokalan Solomon, got out and was confronted by her husband, regarding the keys. Police say the two are in the process of separating. 

He tried taking the keys from her, but she got back into the minivan and locked him out. Police say he began walking away when Solomon reportedly quickly sped up attempted to hit the victim with the minivan. 

Police say they saw security camera recordings of two other attempts by Solomon to strike the victim with the van, even jumping a curb and driving up a grassy hill to try and hit him.

The victim was able to avoid being hit each time.

Police say Solomon's five children, three of them infants, were in the van at the time.

Solomon self-surrendered to police a couple of weeks later.

She's been charged with attempted aggravated assault.