Tempe PD: Men arrested for appliance burglary in homes for sale

Posted at 12:02 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 18:16:06-04

Two men have been arrested after they were caught stealing appliances from a home for sale, according to police. 

Tempe police were alerted to a burglary on October 1 at a house for sale in the area of Terrance Road and Alameda Drive. 

Police say a realtor lock box was cut off and missing. Inside the home, a change jar and a television were stolen, and a stove was disconnected and moved.

Police say this pattern matched other appliance burglaries they were investigating, and suspected that the burglars would return. They placed a tracking device in the stove and waited. 

Two days later the stove moved, and police watched as the stove was loaded into a rental van. They followed the van to Gilbert, where they saw 38-year-old Rene Steve Esquivel sell the stove and a microwave. 

Police moved in and arrested Esquivel and his partner, 44-year-old Joshua James Amerine. Police say Amerine was the person who rented the van. 

Amerine was released from prison last November after serving about five years for burglary. 

Now both men are facing charges of burglary and trafficking in stolen property.