Tempe man accused of killing wife, leaving her body in the desert

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Posted at 3:56 PM, Feb 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-07 17:56:53-05

*Editor's note: This story contains details that may be considered graphic by some readers.*

A Tempe man has been arrested, accused of killing his wife and abandoning her body in the desert.

According to court paperwork, 51-year-old Eugene Zamora and his wife, Claudia Moreno, got into an argument at their Tempe home on November 10, 2021.

During the argument, Zamora allegedly shoved Moreno and she fell and hit her head on the ledge of a bathtub. Moreno died of her injuries at the home.

Zamora allegedly concealed Moreno's body at the house and then transported her to a storage unit. Meanwhile, the 51-year-old filed a missing person's report and said Moreno left from their home on foot and had not been located.

On Nov. 14, Zamora allegedly transported Moreno's body from the storage unit to a desert area northwest of Tonopah along Interstate 10. Zamora reportedly left Moreno's body in a wash area and covered it with debris.

On Nov. 15, family members reported that they saw scratch marks on Zamora's arms consistent with tree branch scratches.

Police used cell phone data to track Zamora's locations during the investigation. Data showed Zamora at the storage facility twice and then in the area where the body was left.

After being questioned further, Zamora admitted to concealing Moreno's body and dumping it in the desert area after she allegedly fell and hit her head.

Zamora led police to the area where he left the body, but the remains were not located, however, other evidence related to the crime was found. Police K9s also alerted to evidence of a body being stored at the home, the storage facility, and the desert area.

Zamora now faces one count of manslaughter, tampering with evidence, concealing a dead body, and making false reports to law enforcement.