Scottsdale police arrest man allegedly linked to $30,000 in hotel losses

Posted: 12:37 PM, Oct 31, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-31 23:19:21Z

A man staying at a Scottsdale hotel was accused of running up a $2,200 bill using fake and stolen credits cards. 

Scottsdale police report that on October 20, they arrested 38-year-old Adam Anthony Ghigo at the Hyatt Regency Hotel near 75th Street and Double Tree Ranch Road. 

Ghigo is accused of using a fake credit card to run up nearly $2,200 in room fees and food at the Hyatt. , but police believe Ghigo and a group of others have defrauded additional hotels with over $30,000 worth of charges. 

When Ghigo was arrested, police say they found a ledger containing a list of stolen credit card numbers. 

Ghigo is being held without bond as he was already on release for a similar crime he allegedly committed earlier this year. 

He's been charged with fraudulent schemes, theft, and forgery.

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