Scottsdale PD: ID theft expert caught buying high-end cars & homes

Posted at 1:32 PM, Apr 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-21 16:32:51-04

Scottsdale Police have arrested an identity theft suspect who used fake identities to purchase luxury cars and homes. 

Police report that 44-year-old Tahlil Scott is a man who manufactures and uses 'synthetic identities' with so many layers it's hard for authorities to track his crimes. In the Valley, he used three separate identities for which he had proof of employment, residence, and references. He used these identities to fool high-end dealerships like Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes and to purchase or rent luxury homes.

In the Valley, he was known as Michael Clark, Cabral Wiley, Steven Collins or David Simmons, He created a business, Kendrick rugs, where he listed his salary at nearly $100,000 a year. Police say the names and the company are all fake.

Police say, "he is well versed in the use of these identities to rent apartments, houses and purchase and register vehicles." They say he lives in a house where he pays $3,400 a month in rent.

A woman was seen in surveillance videos assisting Scott at an apartment and the car dealerships. That woman, 21-year-old Rebecca Ann Carson, was arrested as an accomplice in this case and is on probation for similar crimes in the past. 

Investigators believe he may still have other identities and victims they haven't discovered yet. 

Carson and Scott are being charged with fraudulent schemes.