Man robs Scottsdale homes taking shoes, $4,000 cash before escaping from police

Posted at 3:24 PM, Jun 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-20 23:22:29-04

Court records show that 21-year-old Donato Garcia is one slippery fellow.

Garcia is accused of robbing three homes of cash and merchandise, then after being caught by police the man escaped three times.

Police report that on June 8, a woman, in the area of 70th Street and Thomas Road, heard a noise in her home. When she went to investigate, she heard her mother yelling at Garcia to leave the home. Garcia had allegedly stolen a shoe box with a pair woman's shoes inside.

He then allegedly went into another home where he took a pocket knife. The man made his way to yet another home, located in the same neighborhood, where he stole a woman's purse. Inside the purse there was over $4,000 in cash.

Police were able to locate Garcia, who was hiding underneath a motor home. Crews used a K-9 officer to get Garcia out from under the motor home.

Garcia was taken to the hospital for treatment regarding the dog bite he suffered; there he made the first of three escapes as he ran from the emergency room, but was tackled by officers. 

Garcia then managed to move his handcuffs and break free running away again. He was caught a second time and handcuffed. Not to be deterred, Garcia once again slipped his handcuffs off while he was in a jail transport van on the way to the jail. When the vans doors opened, Garcia took off running for a third time. 

Detention officers caught the man and took him into the jail where he attempted another escape by threatening to blow up the jail with what he claimed was a grenade. The "device" turned out to be a rolled up sock. 

Garcia who already had a warrant for his arrest related to a felony probation violation has now been charged with four counts of burglary, three counts of escape and various other charges.