Repo man caught stealing from lockers at fitness centers

Posted at 2:17 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-21 17:17:00-04

Police say a man who legally steals for living has been caught illegally stealing wallets from lockers at Mesa fitness centers.

Court records show that a man who works for a repossession company was caught with bolt cutters, cut padlocks and a victim's credit card in his pocket.

Mesa police report that on July 14 they got a call from the Planet Fitness near Lindsey and Broadway roads, saying a man cut the lock off the locker of a customer and stole his wallet.

An employee of a nearby grocery store approached police telling them that a man tried to use a credit card to buy gift cards at his store, but was having trouble using his card. When the clerk asked for his identification, the man got angry and left. 

Police say they found that man, 27-year-old Anthony Felix Vitellaro, in the area shortly after and arrested him. Police say they found bolt cutters, cut padlocks and a credit card belonging to one of the victims in his pockets.

He was also identified by another employee of the Planet Fitness near Alma School Road and University Drive where another locker theft was reported earlier that same day.

Police say Vitellaro also matched surveillance video from another theft at the Lindsey and Broadway roads Planet Fitness that occurred on July 12. In that case Vitellaro allegedly used a credit card at a nearby Walgreens to buy multiple gift cards.

Vitellaro has been charged with various counts of burglary, theft and fraudulent use of a credit card.