Police: West Phoenix ice cream truck driver tracks down armed robbers

Police: West Phoenix ice cream truck driver tracks down armed robbers
Posted at 11:11 AM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 14:11:50-04

A woman driving an ice cream truck tracked down the couple who robbed her in Phoenix earlier this month.

Phoenix police report that on May 24 an ice cream truck driver was waved down by people in a gray Honda Accord near 35th and Glendale avenues.

The woman pulled over as one of the men approached her truck and ordered several items of ice cream. While ordering, police say another man, 31-year-old Daniel Dorame, approached, said he had a gun and demanded all her money. 

The woman complied and gave him her money bag. Dorame and the unknown man grabbed the money and the ice cream. They fled in a car, driven by a woman, later identified as 30-year old Yolanda Joy Vargas. 

Police say the victim chased down the suspect's vehicle in her ice cream truck and contacted 911 with a partial license plate number. 

A police helicopter located and followed the car to a home about four miles away. Ground units came to the home and arrested Dorame and Vargas. The third suspect is still unknown and at large. 

Police say they found a gun in the rocks at the base of a large tree in the front yard of the home. They also found empty melted ice cream wrappers in the car. Police say the car itself was reported stolen just hours before the armed robbery. 

Both Dorame and Vargas have prior felony convictions with Vargas still on probation for theft. Both are expected to be charged with armed robbery. Dorame is also facing potential car theft charges.