PD: Man robs two homes, blames sleepwalking drug

Posted at 4:06 PM, Mar 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-02 20:42:32-05

A Chandler man accused of breaking into houses says he doesn't remember doing it because he was sleepwalking. 

Chandler police arrested Thomas Doran for burglarizing two houses near Arizona Avenue and Elliot Road. 

Gloria Bonilla says Doran initially asked her for a ride as she was leaving to run errands. When she returned she found Doran going through her stuff. 

"He's sitting on the ground going through my stuff. And when I saw him he didn't run. That's when I panicked. I mean does he have a gun or a knife? So I started screaming for my grandson there's a burglar in the house call 911," said Bonilla. 

Police arrested Doran after a short chase. 

Officials say a second neighbor called police a short time later saying that their house had also been burglarized. 

Police say they found evidence from both burglaries on Doran. 

During an interview Doran told police that he has a habit of sleepwalking. And that he had been drinking and taking prescription medicine the night before. 

Doran is facing two charges of felony burglary.