Police: Phoenix wife aids husband as he is beaten by man with rock

Police: Phoenix wife aids husband as he is beaten by man with rock
Posted at 11:47 AM, May 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-24 13:52:38-04

A woman jumped into action and detained a suspect who reportedly attacked her husband with a rock. 

Phoenix police report that on May 16 they responded to a home near 38th and Peoria avenues where they saw multiple people holding down a man on the driveway.

Police say that man, 36-year-old Baldemar Anzaldua, "had a crazed wide-eyed look on his face as if under the influence of an unknown substance."

The male victim reported to police that he opened his garage door to leave to pick up his children from school when he saw Anzaldua in his driveway and demanded he leave the home. Instead, Anzaldua requested the keys to his car and struck him several times in the head with a "baseball-sized" river rock.

The victim’s wife heard the yelling and saw the men wrestling, with her husband bleeding from the head. Police say she ran out, jumped on Anzaldua's back and helped wrestle him to the ground, where she sat on him. Anzaldua allegedly bit the woman as she was sitting on him and continued fighting the couple.

Other neighbors jumped in to assist in detaining Anzaldua until police arrived. Police report that Anzaldua had a necklace belonging to the victim in his hand and brought the river rock with him to the home as there were no homes in the area with river rocks in their yards.

Police also say, that while in a holding cell, Anzaldua reportedly attacked another detained man striking him several times. Anzaldua, who has an arrest warrant for a parole violation, has now been charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault.