Police: Mesa man steals Dyson vacuums to support drug habit

Police: Mesa man steals Dyson vacuums to support drug habit
Posted at 2:35 PM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-16 17:35:15-04

A Mesa man has been accused of stealing multiple Dyson vacuum cleaners to support his drug habit.

Mesa police report that on August 9 they arrested 31-year-old Richard Tyler Reeves for allegedly stealing Dyson vacuums from area Target stores and selling them online. 

Reeves reportedly would take the vacuums up to the self-check-out and would pretend to scan the items, but then would walk out without paying for them.

Police say the total value of the vacuums stolen was about $1,700.

A witness recognized Reeves as a man named "Richie." Police searched on the site OfferUp for Richie and Dyson and found four Dyson vacuums for sale by Richard Reeves. Three of the vacuums matched the items stolen from the Target stores.

Police arranged to "buy" a vacuum from Reeves at his home near Main Street and Sossaman Road, where he was arrested.

Inside the home, police say, they found drug paraphernalia, scales, marijuana, and heroin. 

Reeves admitted he is addicted to drugs but would not answer any questions regarding the crimes.

He's been charged with multiple counts of retail theft.