Police: Man caught recording child in Phoenix Home Depot

Posted at 11:17 AM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-18 21:05:53-04

A man was caught recording a man and a boy in the restroom of Phoenix Home Depot.

Phoenix police report that on September 6, a preteen boy went into a restroom at a Home Depot store in north Phoenix. The boy said to his mother that he saw a black phone come over the top of the bathroom stall.

The boy's mother contacted store management and police. Store employees kept an eye on the suspect, 64-year-old John Jeffrey Martin, until police arrived.

Police questioned Martin who said he grabbed the top of the bathroom stall to balance himself but denied taking any pictures or video.

Police say after receiving a search warrant, they viewed a video on Martin's phone which reportedly shows the preteen boy in the bathroom stall. The boy’s face is shown as he looks up at the camera. The camera, police say, is quickly pulled down and Martin’s face is clearly seen as he stops the recording.

Police say another video was also found on the suspect's phone which allegedly shows an adult male in the restroom. This video appeared to be taken through a hole in the bathroom partition. The second victim was discovered to be of an employee at the store.

Martin was arrested six days later near 40th Street and Thomas Road. He has been charged with two counts of surreptitious recording.