Police: Glendale woman sexually assaulted in front of 9-month-old

Police: Glendale woman sexually assaulted in front of 9-month-old
Posted at 12:37 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-11 15:37:45-04

A man was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman as she slept with her 9-month-old child at her Glendale home.

Efrain Contreras was staying in a guest house at the victim's property at the time of the incident, police said. The 36-year-old was arrested Sunday at the guest home, near 59th and Glendale avenues. 

Contreras is accused of entering the main house, sexually assaulting the victim, and leaving the room naked. He later returned to the room to get his clothes and offer the victim $100 for her silence, police documents showed.

The woman took her child and left to her boyfriend's home, where she contacted police. 

Police say they found multiple weapons in the guest house, one of which was stolen. Contreras denied knowing the gun was stolen, saying he bought it from a friend who left the country.

After changing his story several times, police say, Contreras eventually admitted to sexually assaulting the victim. He also admitted to entering the United States illegally four years ago. 

He is being held without bond on sex assault and weapons charges.