Police find stolen appliances with 'for sale signs' 1 mile from home they were taken from

Posted at 2:55 PM, Sep 09, 2016

Police were able to find appliances stolen from one home 'for sale' in front of another home in the same neighborhood.

Court records show that on September 3, police found stolen appliances with 'for sale' signs on them about a mile away from the home they were taken from, near 35th Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

Police report that the homeowner was in town from California checking on her rental property when she noticed that the microwave, dishwasher and stove were missing.

She provided police with pictures and descriptions of the appliances. Police say they quickly found the appliances in front of another home about a mile away with 'for sale signs' on them.

Police brought the victim to the home to identify the stolen items, which she did. 

Police arrested 34-year-old Vanessa Arnold who allegedly told police that she had been staying at the vacant property and borrowed a dolly to transport the appliances from the home to sell them. She said she needed the money for car repairs. 

Arnold has been charged with burglary and trafficking stolen property.