Police arrest teen they believe is responsible for 13 Ahwatukee crimes

Posted at 12:55 PM, Dec 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 16:53:13-05

Police believe an 18-year-old may be responsible for a series of burglaries in the Ahwatukee area since May.

Phoenix police have been investigating burglaries, commercial burglaries, shoplifting, and stolen cars all in the Ahwatukee area where they were all given a similar suspect description.

Those descriptions match 18-year-old Samuel Michael Mielke, a man known to police for multiple robberies as a juvenile. His photo was shown to a loss prevention officer at a Safeway store near 40th street and Chandler Boulevard where Mielke allegedly shoplifted some items and then pointed a gun at the officer when he confronted Mielke.

Police say they got a tip that Mielke was staying at an apartment near 48th street and Ray Road. When they arrived, they located Mielke in a stolen Audi. They captured him after a short car and foot pursuit.

Police report that after his arrest he admitted to multiple cases Phoenix police have been working on. These cases include three stolen cars, the Audi, a BMW and a Toyota Highlander. He also allegedly admitted to stealing spa products and $8,000 in cigars from the Arizona Grand Resort.

Mielke’s identification was found at a bicycle shop where he allegedly stole a $2,700 bicycle that police say he later pawned for $600.

Mielke has so far been charged with aggravated assault and shoplifting in relation to the Safeway incident.