PD: Man beats female 'intruder' with dumbbell

Posted at 11:52 AM, May 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-09 14:52:48-04

A Phoenix man is arrested after allegedly beating a woman with a cast iron dumbbell believing she was an intruder.

Court records show that on April 25, near 7th Street and Dunlap Avenue, police were called after a man beat a woman he believed was an intruder, with a dumbbell causing severe head injuries.

Police say that just before 6 a.m., a man later identified as 47-year-old Samuel Ammon Gifford, went to a neighbor's apartment asking them to call 911, to help a victim at his apartment.

Gifford reportedly told police that he invited the woman to his apartment and they were taking prescription medications "all night." Police say Gifford told them that he passed out and later woke up finding a woman in his apartment but forgetting that he invited her into his home. He grabbed and fought her with, "everything he had."

This included a 15 pound cast iron dumbbell, which he reportedly used to beat the woman about her head and face.

The victim suffered multiple skull and facial fractures along a fracture to her neck.

Gifford said he stopped after realizing that he did, indeed, invite her to his apartment.

Police say they found the dumbbell on the couch in the home.

Gifford is facing charges of aggravated assault and attempted murder.