PD: Man sets girlfriend on fire in Phoenix

Posted at 2:11 PM, Apr 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-25 17:16:27-04

A Phoenix man has been arrested after he allegedly set his girlfriend on fire.

Court records show that on April 17 Phoenix police arrested a man for reportedly lighting his girlfriend on fire, then putting the fire out with his hand and a fire extinguisher.   

Police report 28-year-old Rafael Arredondo and his girlfriend were having an argument in their home near 21st Avenue and Indian School Road when he allegedly bound her with clear packaging tape. Police also say that he taped her mouth shut and doused her shorts and shirt with lighter fluid and lit her on fire. 

Once she was burning, police say that Arredondo patted out the fire on her shorts and sprayed her with a fire extinguisher to put out the fire on her shirt.

Arredondo allegedly told her this was her "punishment." He also told her to get into the shower and turn on the water. This is where police say they found the victim after Arredondo called 911 saying his girlfriend was on fire.

Both of them were taken to the Maricopa Medical Center burn unit as Arredondo had burns on his hands and the victim had 3rd degree burns over 25 percent of her body.

At the hospital, the victim told police what happened. She also reportedly told them that the stitches above her eye were sown by Arredondo, after he hit her on a different occasion. She said he didn't want going to the hospital. 

Arredondo reportedly told police that he left the victim alone in the apartment and when he returned he saw the apartment fire and a neighbor running from the apartment and down the stairs.

The victim is expected to be at the burn center for several weeks.

Arredondo has been charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault.