PD catch kidnapper after 3-city chase in Valley

Posted at 2:23 PM, Apr 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-04 21:48:43-04

Police say a strong Arcadia door helped them in the capture of a suspect who they pursued through three cities.

Court documents show that 23-year-old Farhan Mohammad Adem confronted a woman and her son at gunpoint, kidnapped the woman, robbed a store, and tried to kidnap another man, all within one hour across three Valley cities. 

Police say that just after midnight on March 29, Adem tried to enter a home near 31st and Southern avenues through the Arcadia door. The homeowner told police Adem ran full speed into the door and bounced off. She called police, which allowed them to already be in the area when Adem used a weight to break through the Arcadia door of a neighbor's home. 

Police say Adem entered the home demanding money for drugs. The homeowner showed him that she had no money, but Adem pointed the gun at her 9-year-old and demanded that she take him to the bank to get some.

When they pulled out of the home, the police helicopter was overhead, watching. 

Police say officers on the ground stopped the car a few blocks away, where the woman was able to escape, but Adem refused to give up and slid into the driver's seat and took off. 

Adem then pulled into the Circle K near Dobson and Baseline roads, where he robbed the clerk of $275. He continued on, stopping at a parking lot in Tempe where he tried to kidnap a man on a bicycle, who saw Adem's gun and ran away.

As Adem drove back into Phoenix, he crashed near 32nd Street and McDowell Road, where police arrested him.

Adem is already on probation on armed robbery and drugs charges.

He will now also face kidnapping, car theft, and burglary charges to name a few.