PD: Men follow Talking Stick Casino winner, rob her outside her home

Posted at 11:43 AM, May 02, 2017

Two men are accused of following a woman to her home and robbing her of $4,000 that she'd just won at a Valley casino.

Phoenix police report that on April 4 a woman who won more than $4,000 at the Talking Stick Casino was being followed throughout the casino by two men. Police say the suspects followed her to her home near 56th Street and Bell Road, where one of them grabbed her purse.

The suspect, later identified as 29-year-old Cody Heber Mothershed, reportedly dragged the woman to a car before letting her let go. 

Mothershed then got into the car, driven by 28-year-old Jose Leon Martinez, and they left at a high rate of speed. 

Police returned to the casino to review surveillance video, which allegedly showed the two men following the woman for hours inside the casino. They were also able to get a license plate number from the car Martinez was driving.

Police located Mothershed first, arresting him on April 21 in Chandler. He admitted to being at the casino, but denied being involved in the robbery, saying he was drunk and Martinez drove him home.

Martinez was found and arrested on April 26, at his home in north Phoenix. He reportedly told police that Mothershed pointed out that the woman had won several jackpots and they followed her throughout the casino for hours. Martinez alleged that it was Mothershed who put on a hat and glasses and robbed the woman, giving him $200 of the stolen $4,000.

Both have been charged with robbery and theft.