Littering complaint leads to arrest of accused high-speed kidnapper

Posted at 12:11 PM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 17:22:26-04

Phoenix Police say a man who was arrested for criminal littering is accused in a 2016 kidnapping. 

Phoenix Police report that on April 8 they were called to an area near 27th Avenue and Van Buren Street where a man had dumped over 22 large trash cans in the alleys. 

Police say 30-year-old Gabriel Osuna dumped over 300 pounds of trash into the alleys of three city blocks. 

After police arrested Osuna, they discovered he was a suspect in a kidnapping that occurred in October 2016. In that incident, the Osuna is accused of forcing his girlfriend into a car and driving away.

Osuna reportedly was traveling on Interstate 10 at speeds estimated to be about 200 miles per hour. 

His girlfriend allegedly opened the door and attempted to jump out at those speeds to get away from him. Police say Osuna took the woman to a desert area near Luke Air Force Base, where he kept her all day. 

He later drove her to a relative’s home before kicking her out of the car and driving away.

Osuna has been charged with kidnapping, car theft, assault and criminal littering.