Phoenix woman sexually assaulted after helping acquaintance with place to stay

Posted at 12:58 PM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-29 15:58:57-04

A woman who opened her home to an acquaintance ends up being assaulted by him. 

Court records show that a man returned to the home that he was thrown out of, and sexually assaulted the female owner after showing her pictures of his ex-girlfriend. 

Police report that the victim allowed 29-year-old Adrian Art Cerda to stay at her apartment near 12th Avenue and Bell Road,  for a few days, since he had just been evicted from his home. Cerda was an acquaintance the victim had met through her estranged husband. 

On August 13, Cerda reportedly showed the victim photos which showed his ex-girlfriend with a "ball gag" in her mouth. This frightened the victim, and she ordered him to leave. Cerda left the apartment but first asked if he could leave one of his backpacks behind. The victim agreed but later threw the backpack in the dumpster.

Police say that a couple of days later Cerda returned as the victim was in the shower. She told him to leave but instead Cerda allegedly started trashing the home. Police say he later kicked in the bathroom door and, armed with a knife, sexually assaulted the victim several times.

The victim managed to run away as they went outside to search for the backpack that she had thrown into the dumpster.

On August 16, her estranged husband flagged down officers saying he knew where Cerda was. Police located and arrested him near 35th Avenue and Dunlap Road.

Cerda has been charged with burglary and sexual assault.