Phoenix squatter demands to speak with Floyd Mayweather after arrest

Posted at 12:17 PM, Jun 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 15:17:42-04

A Phoenix man, squatting in a house for sale, demanded to speak with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather after his arrest.

Court records show that when police arrested a man for trespassing, the suspect demanded to talk with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and later assaulted another jail inmate.

Police report that on June 7, they got a call from a resident in the area of 45th Avenue and Cactus Road saying a man had removed the 'house for sale' sign and jumped over the block wall, going into the backyard of the home.

Police contacted the homeowner who informed them that the home had not been sold and no one had permission to be there.

Police say they entered the backyard and found 29-year-old Tyrel Cameron Hoover, sitting in a chair under the covered patio, sipping a soda.

Hoover reportedly asked police if they had a warrant to be on his property.

Police told Hoover that they had already spoken to the homeowner and he was under arrest. At this time Hoover allegedly, "demanded to speak to an attorney and Floyd Mayweather."

Later that night Hoover was in a jail cell with another inmate who was sitting and sleeping against a wall, both the inmate and Hoover's hands were handcuffed in front. At some point, Hoover reportedly jumped off a bench and attacked the inmate, punching and kicking him several times.

Hoover has been charged with aggravated assault.