Phoenix police propose crime-fighting plan for 27th Avenue

Posted at 7:13 PM, Jan 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-18 21:13:55-05

PHOENIX — New numbers from Phoenix police show a dramatic increase in certain crimes along 27th Avenue.

According to the department, reported gunshots have doubled, aggravated assaults have increased 50% and armed robberies have jumped 12%.

To manage the crisis, police officials are proposing a plan that includes adding more cameras to the 27th Ave. corridor.

According to the city, the plan would cost $2.6 million to get started and $1.4 million to maintain.

If approved, the police department would get 30 point-tilt-zoom cameras, new gunshot detection equipment, fixed license plates, four police bicycles, and four police assistants.

One business in the area said they support the plan.

"It gets pretty intense at nighttime," said Jesus Lopez, the owner of MJ's Salon on 27th Ave. near Northern.

Lopez told ABC15 he's seen people doing drugs in the neighborhood and doesn't like his wife working when it's dark out.

He said he hopes an increase in security would help keep criminals away.

Lopez says many are even scared to stop by his business at night.

"So that puts us a little behind but we stick with it. We keep on going," Lopez added.

The plan was recently discussed during a subcommittee meeting with city leaders. However, it will head to city council in February or March.