Phoenix Police: Man kills three puppies after family leaves home in fear

Posted at 1:01 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 20:56:52-04

A West Phoenix man has been arrested for allegedly killing three Chihuahua puppies that were only two weeks old.

Court records show that on October 3, 27-year-old Blaine Lyle Nez was in the home with five children and was heavily intoxicated.

Concerned, the children contacted their mother who instructed them to get out of the home. The oldest teenager got his siblings out of the house when their mother pulled up in her car.

Police say they were waiting down the street and contacted police when they saw Nez leave. They returned to the house to get a few items they needed, and when they went inside, they reportedly saw writing on the walls and the three puppies dead in the teen's room -- one in a pool of blood.

Police say they found and arrested Nez down the street from the home allegedly wearing boots with blood on them. Police say Nez tried to kick officers when they tried to remove the boots from his feet.

Court paperwork shows Nez is the husband of the children's mother, but didn't specify if he was their biological father or not.

Nez has been charged with aggravated assault and multiple counts of cruelty to animals.