Phoenix PD: Violent stabbing possibly result of sexual orientation malice

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Phoenix Police say a man was stabbed multiple times trying to intervene in an altercation that was possibly fueled by race and sexual orientation.

On July 1, officers responded to a party at a home near 52nd Street and McDowell Road. According to police, 23-year-old Deniz Alin Kosemihaloglu got into an altercation with another man after using a racial slur.

Bystanders broke up the argument, but Kosemihaloglu followed the man, and his friend, outside and confronted him again with more racial slurs. The victim stepped in to attempt to defuse the situation, when Kosemihaloglu allegedly swung a knife, stabbing the victim three times.

Police say Kosemihaloglu stabbed the victim, using a knife with an 8-inch blade. The victim was stabbed, in the elbow, and had 5-inch gashes to his stomach and face.

Witnesses say the victim was unarmed, officials said.

Kosemihaloglu was located and arrested on July 18 near 24th Street and Indian School Road on charges of aggravated assault.

Police are investigating whether Kosemihaloglu, "committed this crime out of malice towards the victim, due to the group's sexual orientation."