Phoenix PD: Burglar caught wearing clothes he stole from a 2-year-old; Sheldon Lamar arrested

Posted at 1:05 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-18 01:49:06-04

A Phoenix family feels violated after catching a burglar red-handed in their home, near 32nd Street and Thomas Road.

Court records show that a 45-year-old man was caught hiding in an apartment, wearing the clothing of the victims' 2-year-old daughter.

Frank Duarte said he stopped home to change clothes, while his wife and children waited in the car. When he walked in, he saw the shadow of a man disappear into the bedroom closet.

He went to open the closet and saw a stranger staring back at him.

"I saw a bum face starting right at me. Confused, disoriented. He looked homeless," said Duarte.

Police have identified the suspect as Sheldon Wayne Lamar, a handyman. While he was a stranger to Duarte, his wife Irasema Navarro recognized the face. She had met him at an ATM a few weeks ago.

"He came up right behind me, and said hello, I just walked away and got into my car," said Navarro, adding that the encounter gave her the creeps.

Now she feels the suspect may have been stalking her.

"I feel like he's been watching me, following me. My neighbors said they've seen him around here," said Navarro.

The couple said this was more than a burglary. The suspect made himself right at home, he ate a sandwich and some ice cream, drank their wine, took a shower in the bathroom, put on their clothes, and even colored in the children's coloring book said Navarro.

"When my husband found him, he was wearing my gym shorts, holding underwear, bras, my daughter's tutu, and her Minnie Mouse ears," said Navarro.

He is also accused of leaving chilling evidence behind. The words "I will come back for you Iris" scrawled on a wall, and the word "die" scrawled in the children's bedroom. He also put an "X" over Navarro's pregnant belly and the children's faces in portraits around the home.

Duarte said Lamar was armed with a Taser he got for his wife's protection, and a knife and tried to attack him during the confrontation. Duarte was able to knock the items out of the man's hand, and chase him out of the apartment armed with a lamp.

Neighbors who saw him wearing the clothes as he fled also joined in the chase. They managed to get a license plate number to give police. Officers located and arrested Lamar near 48th Street and Indian school Road about three hours later.

Lamar has been charged with burglary. The toddler's clothing was recovered by police.

"I believe he didn't come here to steal. I believe he came here to do perverted stuff. This is no burglary. This is something way more nasty and sick in the head. Who does that?" said Navarro.

While psychologically traumatized, Navarro said she planned to be in court for Lamar's appearance on Monday, and look him in the eye and let him know she recognized him.

"I want him to know how he's affected my family. I want to do everything I can to put him away for a while," said Navarro.