Phoenix man arrested after stealing $30K in gift cards to pay off debt

Posted at 1:13 PM, Jan 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 19:21:58-05

Police say a man allegedly stole over $30,000 in gift cards in an attempt to pay off a debt.

According to reports, the man stole around $32,000 in Target gift cards to pay a $10,000 debt he owed someone for an "unlawful activity."

A Target loss prevention officer reported that 19-year-old Ronald Lizardi Brown made eight transactions to two different people on December 29. He did not take payment for the transactions that totaled over $30,000 in Target gift cards.

Police say after they arrested Brown, he told them "he had been involved in some illegal activity with the suspect and owed him money." Brown said he had an agreement that he could pay off his debt with $10,000 in Target gift cards.

Brown was arrested at the Target store near 75th Avenue and Thomas Road. He has been charged with theft.