PD: Woman hits ex-girlfriend in car as police approach to arrest her, Melea Rogans arrested

Posted at 3:17 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 21:30:41-04

Officers say a woman hit her longtime girlfriend with her car, right in front of them.

Court records show that on June 17, Phoenix police witnessed a woman who ran down another woman with her car as the victim's daughter recorded it.

Police report that 41-year-old, Melea Lynn Rogans, was in a relationship with the victim for about 25 years.

As police arrived to the parking lot, near 32nd Avenue and Bell Road, they witnessed Rogans in her car backing away from the victim, who was standing next to her car. As police approached, they say Rogans accelerated and ran into the victim and hit her car.

As Rogans backed up again, she was confronted by officers and arrested.

This was not the first time Rogans struck the victim with her car that night. The victims' daughter had a video recording showing Rogans striking the victim with her car and pinning her legs between her car and the victims' car. 

She reported that this happened just prior to the officer's arrival. The victim reported that their relationship ended about a year ago and Rogans has jealousy issues.

Rogans has been charged with aggravated assault.