PD: Woman poses as healthcare worker to steal from senior citizens in Gilbert and Mesa

Posted at 12:51 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 20:47:53-04

Gilbert and Mesa police teamed up to arrest a woman who repeatedly scammed senior citizens out of their credit cards. 

Court records show that a woman and an accomplice posed as healthcare workers to steal credit cards. They offered to save senior citizens money by getting them discounted medical equipment and medication. They used this ruse to get into their homes and allegedly take their credit cards. 

Police report that between August 8 and August 11, Stephanie Carol Evans,38, contacted three senior citizens who lived in senior living homes in Gilbert and Mesa. 

She reportedly told the victims that her and her accomplice worked for a large healthcare system in the Valley and could save them money on medical equipment and medicine.

Evans would assist the victims in getting their identification cards out of their wallets, and while she was doing that, she would allegedly take their credit cards out of the wallet without the victims knowing it. 

Police say that Evans went to a Target store in Gilbert and purchased "numerous prepaid Visa cards and a Playstation 4." Two of the victims' bank notified them of the purchases and canceled the cards. Another victim was not as fortunate as Evans was able to use their card again at a Fry's store to buy several more prepaid Visa cards.

All together Evans bought about $9,000 in products and Visa cards.

A Mesa police detective recognized her off a bulletin supplied by Gilbert police. He had arrested her in the past for theft. The victims and store clerks identified her by her booking photo.

Evans was arrested in Glendale on September 7 and charged with fraudulent schemes and identity theft. Evans allegedly admitted to the crimes with an accomplice but could not say how many times she committed the crimes.