PD: Woman held with leather straps, wooden shackles for 16 days in Chandler

Posted at 12:17 PM, Jan 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 20:07:58-05

A woman was held captive with leather straps and wooden shackles in a Chandler home for 16 days. 

Chandler Police report that on January 8 they went to a home near McQueen and Ray Roads for a welfare check.

There they allegedly found a woman, partially clothed with a severe head wound and covered in dried blood. 

The woman reportedly told police that she had been physically and sexually assaulted between December 23 and January 8, by 51-year-old John Ormond. Ormond and the victim had been romantically involved. 

She said she was hit numerous times with a wooden post and lost consciousness for three days. When she woke, she allegedly found her wrists tied with leather straps and tape attached to cords, which were anchored to the wall. 

Police say she her ankles were bound with a "wooden shackle device," which was also anchored to the wall. 

During her confinement, police say, Ormond sexually assaulted her and beat her. 

Hospital records show the woman had a "significant head injury," facial fractures, a broken hand and several missing teeth. 

Police say, in the home, they found the restraint items and the woman's missing teeth. 

Ormond reportedly tried to commit suicide before police arrived by putting a hose from his exhaust pipe into the cab of his truck. 

Upon his arrest, Ormond allegedly admitted to police that he, "slapped her around a bit." 

He has been charged with several counts of aggravated assault, sexual assault, and kidnapping.