PD: Woman flees in wheelchair with stolen bag from Sky Harbor Airport

Posted at 11:22 AM, Apr 20, 2017

A woman has been arrested after stealing a bag from a luggage carousel at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. 

Phoenix police report that on April 16 a woman, later identified as 51-year-old Karen Lee Camacho, was seen in Terminal Four rolling around in a wheelchair and taking luggage off a carousel.

A Southwest Airlines employee approached and attempted to assist her in getting the bag. She first asked Camacho for identification to make sure the bag was hers.

Camacho, who was unable to provide identification, was informed that she could not have the bag. When the employee turned away to help other customers, Camacho reportedly grabbed the bag and rolled away.

Police responded and the employee pointed out Camacho who was moving around the baggage claim area in her wheelchair. Police say, when they were interviewing Camacho, the owner of the bag showed up and identified the bag which had her name on it.

Camacho has been charged with burglary and theft.