PD: Wickenburg McDonald's manager 'creates fake employees' steals money

Posted at 1:56 PM, May 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-01 16:56:38-04

A McDonald's restaurant manager created "fake employees" to steal over $9,000 from the corporation.

Wickenburg Police report that on March 13 they were informed that a former employee of the Wickenburg McDonald's received an IRS W-2 form saying they made nearly $7,300 in 2016 even though the employee worked only one month at the restaurant, in 2015.

In all, investigators say 24 fraudulent payroll checks were generated, totaling over $9,000 and were sent to the restaurant. The manager, 49-year-old Virgil O'Neil Demby, would allegedly deposit the money with the daily deposits and take an equal share in cash, out of the deposits. 

Demby, who has worked there for nine years, initially admitted to creating fake time cards and converting the checks to cash to pay illegal workers who were needed at the restaurant.

However, police say, another employee told investigators that Demby used the money for himself. The employee told police that he was forced to assist Demby because he was working there illegally and Demby threatened to expose him.

Demby has been charged with ID theft, theft, and fraudulent schemes.